Terms and Conditions

General Terms And Conditions for the use of the unique identification service called GRANTEDBY.ME

  1. GRANTEDBY.ME (hereinafter referred to as: Service or GRANTEDBY.ME Service) is a secure service for unique identification that enables users to safely use the services requiring registration or login of websites that accept or use this method of identification, with the help of a mobile device and without any password.
  2. The GRANTEDBY.ME Service is provided by Torii Gate Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: Provider).
  3. In order to use the GRANTEDBY.ME Service a prior registration is needed and the GRANTEDBY.ME application needs to be downloaded to the mobile phone or other mobile device of the user (hereinafter referred to as: User or Users). Failing these, the use of the Service is not possible.
  4. By registration and by downloading the application the User declares that he or she is fully and entirely aware of and understands the contractual terms contained by the present document, and agrees to be bound by these terms. With this, an agreement comes into existence between the Provider and the User for the use of the Service.
  5. At the time of registration and the use of the Service the User only has to provide his or her e-mail address, the Provider does not require any further data. Only the User shall be liable for giving a valid and real e-mail address at the time of registration, furthermore, the User shall be liable for the secure use of the e-mail address. The Provider shall not be liable for damages resulting therefrom.
  6. The GRANTEDBY.ME application can be downloaded to devices using operation system ios and android as well, from the AppStore or the Play Store, depending on the operation system.
  7. The application shall remain the intellectual property of the Provider in all cases, by downloading it the User only gains right for its use for and indefinite period of time. The User shall not be entitled to copy and/or distribute the application, shall not be entitled to grant use of it to third persons or to carry out any kind of modification on it. All these actions shall be deemed as the breach of the Provider’s rights.
  8. The download and the use of the GRANTEDBY.ME application, the registration and the use of the Service is free of charge, the User does not need to pay any fee neither occasionally nor regularly.
  9. The GRANTEDBY.ME Service may only be used when using websites that support and accept it, in case of other websites the Provider does not grant the use of the Service. The website of the Provider (www.grantedby.me) contains the all-time list of the websites making the use of the Service possible.
  10. The Provider shall only be liable for the proper and normal operation of the GRANTEDBY.ME Service, it shall not be liable for the normal and secure operation of the websites enabling the use of the Service, for the damages resulting from the lack of the normal and secure operation of these websites, furthermore, it shall not be liable for damages arising in causation with the attitude of the User, especially, but not exclusively for damages resulting from losing the mobile devices that are required for identification, or from their improper or unauthorized use. The Provider shall not be liable for damages resulting from the fault or improper operation of the operation systems of the mobile devices.
  11. The Provider is entitled to terminate the Service any time without the prior notification of the User. In connection with this, the Provider takes no liability. The Provider does not grant the continuous operation of the Service, therefore it takes no liability for damages resulting from the occurrent stops or the temporary or permanent nonfunction of the Service.
  12. The Provider stores the e-mail addresses provided by the Users at the time of the registration exclusively, other data relating to the Users is not required by the Provider, and it does not manage or store other data. By accepting the present document the User expressly approves the data management. Under Point a) Paragraph (1) Section 5 of Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information, the legal basis of the Provider’s data management is the voluntary approval of the person concerned. The User gives his or her approval by providing the e-mail address. The objective of data management is to ensure the use of the Service. The Provider does not verify the conformity of the e-mail address, at the time of giving the e-mail address the User takes responsibility that with this address only he or she uses the Service. At the same time this means that liability regarding the login by the given e-mail address shall exclusively be taken by the User who registers the said e-mail address. Data management starts with registration and endures until unregistering.
  13. The Provider and the User agree that in their legal relationship the laws of Hungary shall prevail.
  14. The Provider and the User agree that they settle the disputes arising from the present document primarily by direct reconciliation. In case they fail to reach an agreement within 30 days from the emergence of their dispute, and under the prevailing acts the Pest Central District Court, the Metropolitan Court of Budapest or the Budapest Environs Regional Court has no jurisdiction to rule in their dispute, the parties subject themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Budapest District Court for the II. and III. Districts or the County Court of Székesfehérvár, depending on the amount in dispute.